We’re Hiring


Satori School, an independent day school serving grades pre-k through 8, is seeking a dynamic leader who brings high energy, initiative, tolerance, a sense of humor, analytical ability, and a practical stance toward life to serve as the Executive Director for the upcoming school year, 2022-23. 

Mission Statement

“The mission of Satori School is to provide a nurturing environment where children learn within the context of a hands-on, integrated curriculum.  The School provides a strong academic foundation through an exceptional faculty who are creative, flexible, and imaginative in guiding each child to meet and then to exceed expectations.”


Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director

  • Oversees all day-to-day operations of the school.
  • Works with the board and staff to implement board policies.
  • Will have complete authority for faculty, staff, and student selection, evaluation, and dismissal.
  • Will keep the board informed about decisions in all these areas.
  • Is responsible along with the treasurer of the board for developing and monitoring the school’s resources and fundraising.
  • Will seek out grant writing opportunities.
  • Sets all faculty salaries.
  • Ensures that academic policies and curriculum are followed.
  • Develops and tracks benchmarks for measuring institutional success.
  • Help teachers maximize their teaching potential.
  • Meet and listen to concerns of students.
  • Meet with parents on a regular basis for problem-solving.
  • Provide discipline when necessary.
  • Provide an encouraging and positive school climate.
  • Oversee the production of annual yearbook.
  • Oversee building maintenance.
  • Sets class schedules and yearly calendar.
  • Schedules all field trips.



All candidates should have a minimum of a college/university degree in education; a Master of Education is preferred.  Candidates will submit resumes that list experience as an educator, as well as background information, and at least three (3) letters of recommendation.  Applications may be submitted to claire_wilkins@satorischool.net.