Events at Satori School

Satori School Presents … Pirates! The musical by John Jacobson & Roger Emerson. A “High C” adventure. Full of song, dance, and scallywags! Friday, May 25th, 10 a.m. 2503 Sealy, Galveston, TX
  • Annual Giving Campaign

    This is a traditional campaign that most, if not all, private schools conduct as a way to fund a specific project or goal. Additionally, the percentage of participation is used as a tool in all grant writing. Foundations can be more generous knowing that school parents and employees believe strongly in the institution. Satori has been at 100% the past four years. No gift is too small and this year is a special year for our school! The campaign begins in September and ends December 31.

  • Annual BBQ and Silent Auction

    Each spring, Satori hold their annual BBQ and Silent Auction. This annual event raises funds that allow Satori to achieve it’s mission and provide students with unique learning opportunities. Great food and fun auction items make for a wonderful day spent with the Satori “family”. Each year this fundraiser focuses on a different goal. Monies raised from a recent BBQ / Silent Auction went towards the creation of a science laboratory for classroom use.

  • Discount Card Fundraiser

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Events at Satori School Galveston