October 25-29

Letter of the week is H. We will be learning about different types of homes including  ‘Haunted houses.’ Halloween parties are on Friday. Children may come to school in costume but will still be required to wear their Covid masks.  Spelling words are – win, fin, spin, here, there, dot, pot, hot, got, spot.  Monday- write words 3 times each  […]

Week of 10/11-10/15 Lower School

Letter of the week is Ff. We will be studying foxes and their habitats. Also we will learn how to be a good citizen.  Spelling words for first grade are- log, dog,  hog, jog, frog, day, bay, way, stay, want  Monday- write words 3times each  Tuesday- put words in ABC order  Wednesday- put words in the correct word puzzles  Thursday- […]

letter of the week Dd

We will be studying the habits of dolphins.  Kindergarten— language Begin program reading books Level A and working on phonics as a supplement.  Math- sorting and classifying, working on patterns, introducing fractions and practice adding  and subtracting    1st grade- read Down By the Bay, And learn about statements, questions and exclamations Both classes will be learning about syllables.  Science- […]

Hello parents. I know this is a day late but we seem to be in for another different week. Although maybe not for Galveston.  We were supposed to focus on the letter C but it may carry on to next week as well. Only homework is for 1st grade spelling.  Monday- write words 3times each  Tuesday- put words in ABC […]

Roy- Welcome to Satori!

Welcome to our first full week of the new school year. We will be learning about the sounds and shapes of the letter A this week. Our key word is atmosphere so we will also be learning about the layer of air surrounding the earth.  For now the 1st grade will be the only part of the class having homework […]