Math 8 will review one/two-step equations and continue exploration of multi-step equations and distributive properties.  See text pages 21-25 for introduction of expressions with exponents and how to add/subtract exponents. Math 6-7 will review addition/subtraction of ratios with unlike denominators; and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.  The class will also learn to multiply/divide positive/negative numbers (see chapter 13 in text.)  […]


Week of 9/20 Math 8:  Further practice on solving two-step and multistep equations; review finding factors, and Greatest Common Factor.  See pages 22 – 25 in text. Math 6-7:  Review multiplication/division of decimal numbers; adding and subtracting positive/negative numbers.  See chapters 9 – 11 in text. Science 6 – 8:  Lesson 3, Newton’s Laws of Motion, see text p. 44-49; […]

Newton: Math 8, Math 6-7, Science 6-8

Week of 9/7: Math 8 – Topics for the week include Distributive property, addition/subtraction in equations, multiplication/division in equations and beginning two-step equations.  See text pages 15 – 18.  There are supplemental handouts covering each of the above topics.  Any work not completed in class is considered homework. Math 6-7 – Topics include Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Fractions, […]

Newton- Science 6,7,8

  Mon. – Fri. Topics:  Motion, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration;  see p. 4 – 15 in text.   Read and study all text pages.  On Monday review and solve for speed after determining distance and time.  Quiz on Motion on Tuesday. Friday is library day.

Newton: Math 6-7

Mon. – Fri. Topics:  Review and reinforce properties of division each day;  Number Line, Positive/Negative numbers, and Absolute Value.  See sections 1.1 – 1.5 in text (supplemental handouts provided) Friday is review all and check what you know.

Newton: Math 8

Mon. – Fri.  Topics:  Basic Equations, Properties/Order of Operations, Coordinate Systems and Graphs.  See workbook sections 1.1 – 1.5,  p. 2 – 8.  Friday is review: check what you learned.