[huffstetler] week of 1/10 – 1/14

ELA spelling test Friday chapter book test on Restart on Friday science Chapter 4 lesson 1 test Tuesday Begin Chapter 4 lesson 2 “Changes in Ecosystems” Chapter 4 lesson 2 test Friday math 4th and 5th points, lines, and angles area and perimeter fractions Tx history Begin lesson 5 on “The Texas Revolution” Virus-free. www.avast.com

Math/Science Week of 01/04/22

Assignments not completed during class time become homework. Math 6-7:  Class review over reducing ratios, add/subtract mixed numbers and two-step equations.   Math 8  :    Class review of slope and line graphs and introduction of solutions of two equations. Science:     Topic is Human Body – Muscle structure.  See lesson 2, chapter 2 in text.  Student will read, discuss and […]

Week of 12/6-12/10

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Our classroom is decorated, and we are starting to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world. We will have science with Mr. Tom this Friday, and we will also go to the library, so please make sure your student is wearing his or her Satori shirt. […]

week of 12/6 – 12/10

ELA spelling test on Friday science Ecosystems test on Tuesday Study “Relationships in Ecosystems” Test on “Relationships in Ecosystems” on Friday math 4th introduction of “fractions” 5th multiplying and dividing fractions decimal division Tx history Read and discuss “Americans in Texas” Reading comprehension on “Americans in Texas” on Thursday Virus-free. www.avast.com

Math, Science

For Week of 11/28 Math 8: Class will work on one-step, multi-step, and compound inequalities.   Math 6-7:  Class will work on add/subtract, multiply/divide integers and one-step equations. Science 6-8:  Class will begin study of human body systems.  Lessons 1 and 2 deal with organization of systems beginning with cell structure. Unfinished daily classwork becomes homework to be completed by following morning.

Week of 11/15-11/19

This is our last week of school before Thanksgiving break! On Friday, we will go to the library, and we will also have another virtual meeting with our docent from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Homework: Due Monday – practice poem; practice math strategies Due Tuesday – Alphabetize spelling words; practice poem; practice math strategies Due Wednesday – Use […]

week of 11/15 – 11/19

ELA Spelling test Friday Science Chapter 2 Lesson 4 “Traits & Heredity” Test on Wednesday Chapter 2 test on lessons 1-4 on Friday Math 4th division Test Friday 5th decimals Test Friday Texas history Continue learning about Spanish missions Sent from my iPhone