Dear Families and Friends of Satori:

Satori School is happy to announce our 2022-2023 Annual Giving campaign “Invest in the Nest”. The past few years in education have been a challenge and your support matters more than ever. For the past 41 years, Satori has been a beacon for learning. We have been able to provide individualized learning that fosters students to become creative and critical thinkers. Our teachers give of themselves wholeheartedly by offering exceptional individualized instruction, creative experiences, and a loving environment that builds confident learners.

“Invest in the Nest” is Satori’s campaign to raise funds for building maintenance, improvements, updates, and renovations. Built in 1947, our schoolhouse has an abundance of history, character, and charm, but is showing its age. We love the charm of the classroom doors, with their mail slots and metal numbers, telling the story of the apartments our building once housed and the original mid-century wood floors that still exist in a few closets in the back of the schoolhouse. We aim to maintain this character and history, while bringing the structure and interior into the 21st century.

Educational research affirms that “the physical environment impacts how children learn and behave. The way a room is set up, how welcoming a space ‘feels’, and the ease of movement from one space to another can either enhance learning or have an adverse impact on learning”(Environments for Learning, 2021). This data supports our goal of creating spaces where students have room to move around and explore, and spaces that are orderly, comfortable, and safe. Students should have access to inclusive spaces and resources that inspire and challenge them to engage in learning.

With this goal in mind, we have a long-term plan including replacing the old galvanized plumbing system, extensive roof and masonry repair to prevent leaks, reconfiguring the space to allow for larger classrooms with more storage space, a larger lunchroom, a possible gym/large meeting area, and much more. We also hope to update student furniture such as desks and chairs, and to add more flexible seating options like standing desks, yoga ball chairs, seat rockers, etc.

To kick off our fundraising efforts for this project, our Annual Giving goal this year is to raise $37,500 and have 100% participation from trustees, staff, families, and friends. Whether you can give $5, $50, $500, $5,000, or more, your gift is extremely important, because every gift goes towards our goal and plays a part in our success! We are also asking our supporters to invite your company, business, or any organizations you are affiliated with, to match your donation if possible. With gift matching, we could double our goal and kick off our “Invest in the Nest” campaign with a $75,000 goal!

This is a call to action! Every penny of Annual Giving will go toward creating the “best nest” for our little birds here at Satori! We can’t reach this goal without your support! Thank you in advance for your consideration and support!



Allison Schulz

Executive Director


Rich Mullikin

President, Board of Trustees

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