About Us

Now celebrating its 41st year, Satori School is an independent secular day school serving students in pre-k through seventh grade. Its mission is “to provide a nurturing environment where children learn within the context of a hands-on integrated curriculum; the school provides a strong academic foundation through a faculty who are creative, flexible, and imaginative in guiding each child to succeed at Satori, but more importantly, in their next school setting.”

A rigorous curriculum is vertically aligned school-wide and includes music, Spanish, art, and PE. State educational standards are used as a baseline to ensure mastery of skills. Students are bench-marked in the fall and spring using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. While understanding the critical nature of academic focus, Satori focuses as strongly on character development. Through daily class meetings and volunteering at other non-profit organizations, students are taught the value of serving each other, the community of Satori, and the larger community beyond the schoolhouse. Additionally, through the community outreach enabled by strong financial aid availability, Satori students experience a world where all children are entitled to have the best education, regardless of their race, religion, or socio-economic background.

Satori School

Parental involvement is the cornerstone of a child’s education. Children must see that their parents are interested and place importance on the task. We expect parental involvement in the school, including volunteering in school activities and fundraising efforts.


Rich Mullikin, President

Leah Low, Vice-President

Steve Schultz, Secretary

John Smith, Treasurer

Tim Beeton

Ginger Kieckbusch

Christy Lynn Lawrence

Robert Lynch

Sara Piel


Claire Wilkins, Executive Director, Satori School