Math 8:  Class will finish work on systems of equations and begin practice work on multiplying binomials.  Handouts will be provided and unfinished classwork becomes homework. Math 6-7:  Class will begin practice on identifying angles and basic area problems that involve squares, rectangles, and triangles.  Unfinished classwork becomes homework. Science:  Class will finish lesson 1, chapter 3 Food and Energy […]

[huffstetler] week of 1/10 – 1/14

ELA spelling test Friday chapter book test on Restart on Friday science Chapter 4 lesson 1 test Tuesday Begin Chapter 4 lesson 2 “Changes in Ecosystems” Chapter 4 lesson 2 test Friday math 4th and 5th points, lines, and angles area and perimeter fractions Tx history Begin lesson 5 on “The Texas Revolution” Virus-free.

Math/Science Week of 01/04/22

Assignments not completed during class time become homework. Math 6-7:  Class review over reducing ratios, add/subtract mixed numbers and two-step equations.   Math 8  :    Class review of slope and line graphs and introduction of solutions of two equations. Science:     Topic is Human Body – Muscle structure.  See lesson 2, chapter 2 in text.  Student will read, discuss and […]

week of 1/3 – 1/7

ELA Spelling test Friday Science Chapter 3 test (all lessons) Wednesday Math 4th Points, lines, angles 5th Perimeter and area Tx history Vocabulary quiz Thursday Sent from my iPhone