week of 11/1 – 11/5

ELA spelling test Friday grammar test Wednesday science Continue studying plant life cycles; flocabulary test over “pollination” on Friday 4th math place value and adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals 5th math whole number operations and algebraic reasoning Tx history Continue learning about “Spanish missions” comprehension test on Thursday Virus-free. www.avast.com

October 25-29

Letter of the week is H. We will be learning about different types of homes including  ‘Haunted houses.’ Halloween parties are on Friday. Children may come to school in costume but will still be required to wear their Covid masks.  Spelling words are – win, fin, spin, here, there, dot, pot, hot, got, spot.  Monday- write words 3 times each  […]

Last week of October!

It is the last week of October, and we will finish the month with a bang! After lunch, we will have our second meeting with Mr. Tom, our docent from the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Also, we will finish the day with our Halloween party at 2:15! Students may wear their costumes to school, but any accessories (including but […]

week of 10/25 – 10/29

ELA Spelling test Friday Reading comprehension quiz Thursday Chapter book RESTART Science Test Thursday on Chapter 2 Lesson 1 “Reproduction” Math 4th grade multiplication Test on Friday 5th grade multiplying and dividing fractions Test on Friday Texas history Studying “Spanish Missions” Sent from my iPhone

Math, Science

Week of 10/18/’21 Science 6-8:   Student work is lesson 3 on p. 84-91 in text.  Inclined planes, levers and various machines and their uses to be explored.  Paired students are assigned to build small models of types of machines and explain their function. Math 8:   Topic for the week is subtracting exponents when simplifying by dividing algebraic ratios.  Board examples […]

week of 10/18 – 10/22

 ELA We will be reading the book RESTART as a class. spelling test Friday grammar test Wednesday Science We have a zoom session with a biologist friend of Ms. Sargent’s on Tuesday. We will be reviewing lessons 1 – 5 of Chapter 1. Chapter 1 test Thursday We will start studying “Parents and Offspring” with lesson 1 over Reproduction […]

Week of 10/18-10/22

On Tuesday morning, we will have a virtual meeting with a biologist, who will discuss animal adaptations with us. As usual, we will go to the library on Friday, so please have your students wear their Satori shirts. I am also excited to share that we will soon be starting a program where our class will connect virtually with a […]

Week of 10/11-10/15 Lower School

Letter of the week is Ff. We will be studying foxes and their habitats. Also we will learn how to be a good citizen.  Spelling words for first grade are- log, dog,  hog, jog, frog, day, bay, way, stay, want  Monday- write words 3times each  Tuesday- put words in ABC order  Wednesday- put words in the correct word puzzles  Thursday- […]

week of 10/11 – 10/15

ELA Test over Chapter books on Tuesday–4th grade THE MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE and 5th grade TUCK EVERLASTING Spelling test and grammar test Friday Science We are studying “Animal Systems” Test Friday Math 4th more addition and subtraction 5th multiplying fractions Tx history We will continue studying “Explorers in Texas”

Math, Science

Math 8 is working on simplifying ratios and expressions which involve exponents; supplementary handouts will be used for classwork and homework assignments. Math 6-7 is working on recognizing proportions and simplifying to lowest factors.  Handout supplemental handouts will be used for classwork and unfinished classwork is homework. Science 6 – 8 is reading in Chapter 3, lessons 2, and 3, […]