Math 8 will review one/two-step equations and continue exploration of multi-step equations and distributive properties.  See text pages 21-25 for introduction of expressions with exponents and how to add/subtract exponents.

Math 6-7 will review addition/subtraction of ratios with unlike denominators; and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.  The class will also learn to multiply/divide positive/negative numbers (see chapter 13 in text.)  Chapter 14 introduces a review of inequalities, p. 79-83, and wraps up unit 1 The Number System.
Science 6-8 will begin the week by checking work over Momentum (lesson 4) and then  read/study lesson 5 Free Fall and Circular Motion which is the wrap up for chapter 2.  The class with have a review and assessment assignment over chapter 2 and engage in lab activities with involve “free fall, friction, and force.”  Next on the schedule is a unit on Energy….see text, lesson 1, chapter 4.
In general, I am very pleased with students progress, attitude, classroom behavior.