Sargent – Week of 9/20-9/24

We have an exciting week coming up! On Monday, our class will be visiting the Galveston Children’s Museum to interview the director, Ms. Nancy Schultz. On Tuesday, we will be having a virtual meeting with the proprietor of Play on the Strand, a local toy store. And as usual, we will head to the library on Friday.
Due Monday – practice poem
Due Tuesday – Alphabetize spelling words; practice poem
Due Wednesday – Use spelling words in sentences; practice poem; practice addition
Due Thursday – Spelling in pictures; practice poem; practice addition
Due Friday – Secret code spelling; practice poem; practice addition
In reading, we will continue taking notes about articles we read.
In language arts, we will continue learning about figurative language and begin learning about different elements of poetry.
In math, both grades will be starting to focus on addition. 3 rd grade has already started adding math practice to their homework. 2 nd Grade will also need to practice math facts at home starting this week.
Social studies will continue interviewing business owners and begin looking at the process of turning natural resources into salable goods.
In science this week, we will continue learning about types of organisms, continuing our study of producers and consumers, as well as learning about decomposers and how they all work together within an environment.