Newton: Math 8, Math 6-7, Science 6-8

Week of 9/7:

Math 8 – Topics for the week include Distributive property, addition/subtraction in equations, multiplication/division in equations and beginning two-step equations.  See text pages 15 – 18.  There are supplemental handouts covering each of the above topics.  Any work not completed in class is considered homework.
Math 6-7 – Topics include Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple, Fractions, and multiplication review.  See text chapter 5 and chapter 6.  Supplemental handouts are provided in each topic area.  Any work not complete in class is considered homework.  
Science 6-8  –  Topics Topics for week are Force, Friction, and Gravity.  See text pages 23 – 49.  In class activity to include testing force and friction with boxes, books, and tables.  Friday is library day with 20 minutes reserved for science end of week review.