Math 8 will review one/two-step equations and continue exploration of multi-step equations and distributive properties.  See text pages 21-25 for introduction of expressions with exponents and how to add/subtract exponents. Math 6-7 will review addition/subtraction of ratios with unlike denominators; and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.  The class will also learn to multiply/divide positive/negative numbers (see chapter 13 in text.)  […]

Sargent – Week of 9/27-10/1

We will go to the library this Friday, so please have your student wear his or her Satori shirt! We will also have noon dismissal, as it is the first Friday of October. This is also the last week of our first six weeks of school, so parent-teacher conferences will be next week on October 4. I look forward to […]

week of 9/27 – 10/1

ELA  Continuing reading our chapter books (4th THE MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE) (5th TUCK EVERLASTING). Reading comprehension test over selected reading passages on Thursday. Spelling test Friday Science Chapter 1 Lesson 4 on “Classifying Animals” Quiz over “Invertebrates” on Friday Math Still working on basic math computations:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, rounding, identifying shapes, word problems, etc.   Test on Friday […]

letter of the week Dd

We will be studying the habits of dolphins.  Kindergarten— language Begin program reading books Level A and working on phonics as a supplement.  Math- sorting and classifying, working on patterns, introducing fractions and practice adding  and subtracting    1st grade- read Down By the Bay, And learn about statements, questions and exclamations Both classes will be learning about syllables.  Science- […]


Week of 9/20 Math 8:  Further practice on solving two-step and multistep equations; review finding factors, and Greatest Common Factor.  See pages 22 – 25 in text. Math 6-7:  Review multiplication/division of decimal numbers; adding and subtracting positive/negative numbers.  See chapters 9 – 11 in text. Science 6 – 8:  Lesson 3, Newton’s Laws of Motion, see text p. 44-49; […]

Sargent – Week of 9/20-9/24

We have an exciting week coming up! On Monday, our class will be visiting the Galveston Children’s Museum to interview the director, Ms. Nancy Schultz. On Tuesday, we will be having a virtual meeting with the proprietor of Play on the Strand, a local toy store. And as usual, we will head to the library on Friday. Homework: Due Monday […]

week of 9/20 – 9/24

4/5 ELA  Grammar test Thursday Spelling test Friday 4th grade is reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle nightly 5th grade is reading Tuck Everlasting nightly 4/5 science Chapter 1 Lesson 3 on 'Plants” Flocabulary on “Parts of a Plant” Test Friday 4/5 math working on basic math:  addition and subtraction Tx history Vocabulary test on “First People” on Tuesday

Hello parents. I know this is a day late but we seem to be in for another different week. Although maybe not for Galveston.  We were supposed to focus on the letter C but it may carry on to next week as well. Only homework is for 1st grade spelling.  Monday- write words 3times each  Tuesday- put words in ABC […]

Lower school week of 9/7-9/10

Hello parents. I want to apologize for not posting sooner. Our web connection was down at the beginning of the week but we are back up now.  Our  letter this week is B. We are learning about bees for science and our dependence on bees for social studies. First grade has 10 spelling words this week. The words are be, […]