Sargent- Welcome back!

Welcome back! We had a great first two days last week, and I’m delighted to welcome our class back for more exciting learning. This week we will continue establishing procedures that we will use throughout the year and begin introducing new concepts. Below, you can find a list of what homework will be due throughout the week, as well as an overview of what we will be learning in class.
Due Monday – Interest Inventory
Due Tuesday – Alphabetize spelling words; practice poem
Due Wednesday – Use spelling words in sentences; practice poem
Due Thursday – Spelling in pictures; practice poem
Due Friday – Secret code spelling; practice poem
Spelling this week will consist of the names of the people in our class and a couple of easy sight words to help us get into a spelling routine. Spelling words are: Reina, Eliza, Tai, Olivia, Neva, Dean, Braylon, Miss Sargent, the, of, and
(Bonus word: Genevieve)
In reading, we will talk about why we read and learn about some strategies for when we encounter unfamiliar words.
In language arts, we will learn about letter-writing and how to write complete sentences.
In math, both grades will learn about financial literacy as we begin our year-long Middle School Bank project. We will also review previously learned math concepts.
Social studies will build on what we are learning in math, as we discuss goods and services, as well as ways to earn, spend, and save money.
In science this week, we will talk about what scientists are and what they do, as well as learning about some of the tools and science skills we will be using this year.