Cornett: Middle, Upper, and Junior Spanish

¡Hola!  Click here to see what your Middle, Upper, and Junior School kids are up to in español! This is a google document that is updated in real-time, so it's always up to date!  Here you'll find electronic versions of notes, study guides, a summary of lesson plans, and information on upcoming tests so you and your kids have access to everything […]

Roy- Welcome to Satori!

Welcome to our first full week of the new school year. We will be learning about the sounds and shapes of the letter A this week. Our key word is atmosphere so we will also be learning about the layer of air surrounding the earth.  For now the 1st grade will be the only part of the class having homework […]

Valstar 4/5

ELA We are starting a unit on “Growing Up” and “How experiences can cause a person to change.“ Students will have a quiz on Wednesday over a selected reading passage. Ongoing work in reading comprehension, writing, spelling, vocabulary development, grammar, and cursive writing. Science We will review the scientific method. Quiz will be Tuesday. Then we will start studying cells […]

Sargent- Welcome back!

Welcome back! We had a great first two days last week, and I’m delighted to welcome our class back for more exciting learning. This week we will continue establishing procedures that we will use throughout the year and begin introducing new concepts. Below, you can find a list of what homework will be due throughout the week, as well as […]

Newton- Science 6,7,8

  Mon. – Fri. Topics:  Motion, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration;  see p. 4 – 15 in text.   Read and study all text pages.  On Monday review and solve for speed after determining distance and time.  Quiz on Motion on Tuesday. Friday is library day.

Newton: Math 6-7

Mon. – Fri. Topics:  Review and reinforce properties of division each day;  Number Line, Positive/Negative numbers, and Absolute Value.  See sections 1.1 – 1.5 in text (supplemental handouts provided) Friday is review all and check what you know.

Newton: Math 8

Mon. – Fri.  Topics:  Basic Equations, Properties/Order of Operations, Coordinate Systems and Graphs.  See workbook sections 1.1 – 1.5,  p. 2 – 8.  Friday is review: check what you learned.