(Kgripp) Pre-K weeks of April 20th & April 27th

Hello! In pre- k we are going to be revisiting nursery rhymes over the next two weeks. Each day we will have a new nursery rhyme. I had found a program that had several copies of nursery rhymes (5) in color with the characters to make into stick puppets. I have included them with the nursery rhymes we will be using over the next two weeks. These can be used later for story retell and reads. Each day will have a new nursery rhyme, which includes a daily lesson plan that has Literacy, Math, STEM, Fine Motor, Oral Language, Writing and drawing, Activity, and Music to go along with the rhyme, an information page for the rhyme, and a “I can draw and write page”. You are welcome to complete what you wish. Check your email for the documents.
I hope you enjoy it and at the same time have fun! ❤️Ms Gripp

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