Week of 4/6-4/9

As we begin our fourth week of long-distance learning, I wanted to again express my appreciation for how Middle School parents and students have stepped up and worked hard to continue the learning process. It has been quite a learning curve for all of us, but I am very pleased with a lot of what I’ve been seeing.
There will be no assignments for Friday, as it is Good Friday.
In Language Arts, we will learn about homographs and practice writing different types of letters.
2nd Grade Spelling words will focus on words ending in -ly. Spelling words are badly, madly, quickly, weekly, daily, sadly, gladly, bravely, softly, and loudly.
3rd Grade Spelling will focus on the suffixes -ly and -ally. Spelling words are lonely, suddenly, rapidly, tenderly, lovely, nicely, dangerously, actually, personally, especially, formally, informally, locally, and alphabetically.
2nd Grade Math will continue to explore arrays and use them for multiplication.
3rd Grade Math will learn more about polygons and angles. We will also continue to practice multiplication facts.
In Science, we will learn about how rocks and soil are a valuable natural resource.
In Social Studies, we will learn about international and domestic trade. We will also write letters to local businesses to help us connect what we’ve learned about the economy to our local community.