Week of March 16-20

Hello parents!

As we all navigate this unknown terrain, I will be utilizing Google Classroom for our students. This interface is pretty straightforward and will allow me to post assignments in a format where your students can easily turn in their work online and provide an easy forum for me to communicate with your kiddos throughout the day. If you have a gmail account set up for your child, I can simply send an invitation to the specific classrooms once I have the e-mail addresses. If not, you may create the account and then use the following class codes to join the appropriate classrooms. The following class codes are:
4th and 5th grade Social Studies: wq3d6ix
4th grade Math: 6j3bwyq
5th grade Math: i52dt4h
6th and 7th Texas History: hg4kkya
Level Math: mj4g6iy
Accelerated Math: lpkel7v
The link provides a pretty comprehensive tutorial. The only difference here is that we do not have school e-mails, we will simply have our own gmail accounts that we utilize for logging in purposes. 
If you have any questions, please let me know and we will make sure that everyone has access ASAP! 
We will all be new at this so if something isn't clear on my end, please let me know and I will try to clarify as best as I can.
Stay healthy,
Ms. Williams