Live From The Field

Hello parents,
I’m really missing your children (my students). I’m going to give you some homework and some suggestions to help keep your children busy during this week.
We’ll start with spelling. Monday-write words, Tuesday-put in ABC order, Wednesday and Thursday-write sentences for each word, Friday-take practice test. 
Jace-deep, keep, sleep, bear, pear, this, that. Bonus words are left, right. 
Tai and Daphne-light, sight, tight, bright, flight, race, space, trace, below, above. Bonus words are forest, ocean. 
Jemma-light, sight, tight, bright, flight, town, down, clown, about, above. Bonus words are important, mushroom. 
I would like the kindergarten to try putting these words in ABC order-cat, girl, food, apple, pie, moon, top, zebra. 
They haven’t done this before so be patient or don’t do at all. 
I love the phonics assignment for both of my levels. And I also love the web sights that Claire has offered. Please check them out. Some guidelines for math are money up to a dollar, graphs, adding and subtracting. For kindergarten, it would be the same except for money up to 50 cents. 
FINALLY, for real fun, we would be learning about leprechauns and how clever and tricky they are. Then we would build traps for them. It’s an introduction to simple machines and can only do it once a year. Use only things around your house. Boxes, string, paper clips, anything you can find. If you do this activity, I would love to see it. 
Ok, I know this is a lot but I really want them to feel engaged in learning while they are away. And I really do miss them 
Lastly, I can make a little packet for them if you would like to pick up at the school.  Text me to let me know. 
Stay safe and let me know how things are going. 
Much love(hug those babies for me),
J Roy