Pre-K Week of February 24th

This week in Pre-K, we will learn the letter Uu, color pink, shape heart, and the number 18. We are practicing our counting by rote to 20. Our sight word is “us”. We will talk about finding words in the environment. These are words or signs like McDonalds and Target. Our children at this age can read but not in a way we know reading. They can read each other’s names, they are able to read color words, and some can read number words. Please encourage your child to sound out small words like cat, car, mom, and dad. Play a word game like, “What word am I ?” and sound out m-o-m. It helps with beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Continue to practice letters and their sounds. I have completed the Middle of the Year assessment, and everyone has shown great growth. It is such a joy to see them flourish. Report cards go home Tuesday, February 25th. Looking forward to an awesome week! Ms Gripp
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