Week of 2/10 – 2/14

Invention plans are due on Wednesday of this week, and our Valentine’s Day party will be at 2:45 on Friday.
Valentine’s Day is on Friday, so this week we will be doing an integrated unit in which each student plans a store to sell Valentine cookies, then analyzes sales results to determine how to change their business plan for the following year. NO ACTUAL COOKIES will be produced during the process– it will all be on paper this year.
In Language Arts, the cookie store project will involve both process and descriptive writing.
In Math, this project will require both grades to work with fractions, addition, converting minutes to hours, telling time, adding money, multiplication (or repeated addition), arrays, and graphing. While the processes are the same in both grades, the difficulty will be appropriately varied.
2nd Grade Spelling words this week will focus on sight words and the -ink ending. Spelling words are: drink, think, sink, stink, wink, very, know, say, before, and because. Bonus word: Valentine. 3rd Grade will be spelling words with a VCCV pattern and a few sight words. Their spelling words are: winter, army, cellar, garden, lasso, market, basket, welcome, until, always, please, country, between, holiday, and important.
In Social Studies, we will learn about the history of Valentine’s Day, including legends about St. Valentine and how Conversation Hearts candies have changed over the last several decades.
In Science, we will learn about what causes the different seasons of the year.