Pre-K week of February 10-14

The second week of February will be fast paced! We will learn the letter Ss, the color pink, the shape heart, and the number 16. Wednesday, we will make Stone Soup. Yes, we actually make a pot of vegetable soup with a stone. Thank you for your soup contribution! Thursday is story time at the library which will be followed by lunch. Lunch is being provided by Alex DeSteiguier, pizza and cupcakes, we will celebrate his birthday! Friday will be a class party for Valentines Day at 2:30. Projects for the class might include making a valentines bag for our cards, the letter ā€œsā€ dob a letter, trace, color and cut, and picture word cards letter Ss . There is a lot going on I am looking forward to a great week! Ms Gripp
**Please remember to return blankets and pillows!

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