Pre-K week of February 3-7

100 Day is February 6th. ..Wow! Can you believe it 100 days of school! We will be making 100 day snack with the items each student brings to school. We will have a total of ten items. Each student will count out 10 of each item and will have a bag of 100 items which is “100 Day Trail Mix”. We will also be learning the letter Rr, shape heart, color pink, and number 15. Students should be counting to 15 easily and be able to go beyond, some to 100. We have been doing very well with our beginning sounds, and have been working on rhyming words. Our projects of the week might include: 100 day visor, arrange numbers in order, number 15 find the number, sight word red, and handwriting practice. We are looking forward to a great week! Ms. Gripp
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