Pre-k week of January 27th

This week in pre-k, we will be learning the letter Qq, number 14, shape rectangle, and the color blue. It’s amazing that we have almost been in school for 100 days! We have lots of things planned for next month, 100 Day (February 6), Stone Soup (February 12), and Valentine’s Day (February 14). Watch your child’s folder for a list of names for Valentine’s,and a list for our famous Stone soup. This week we will practice following 2-3 step directions and being self directed to complete tasks. We have a few projects: a Quill pencil, a rhyming quilt ,and a shape search. We will be going over beginning sounds, numbers and groups, our last name, using scissors, holding a pencil, and naming shapes. This week and next I will be testing to see how much the children have grown. Thank you for your support! Looking forward to an awesome week! Ms Gripp
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