Week of 1/21-1/24

In Language Arts this week , we will be learning about persuasive writing.
2nd Grade Spelling words this week will focus on the -th ending pattern. Our spelling words are bath, math, moth, sloth, breath, mouth, path, cloth, tooth, and death. 3rd Grade will be practicing words with double letters. They will have the spelling words hall, hugged, correct, pulled, funny, happy, puppy, better, common, collect, bottles, smell, different, tallest, and lesson.
2nd Grade Math will be learning how to solve number stories about temperature changes. 3rd Grade will begin working on multiplication.
In Science, we will be learning about what the sun is like.
In Social Studies, we will learn about how the USA is a nation of immigrants and consider how our culture is shaped by the many groups to have come here.
The first homework assignment this week will be for Social Studies; Regular spelling homework will be due Thursday and Friday (no word studies this week).