Cotto] Week of 1/13 through 1/17

Hello Satori Families,
This week in Music: All grades are wrapping up their ¬†study of the Baroque Era. Last week, we learned history, culture, big concepts, and big characteristics. We learned vocabulary words, but we did not have time to “experience” the music of the era. We will have activities that revolve around experiencing the music and the setting in which it would have been heard. Listening/discussion activities such as SQUILT, performance (singing and playing music that is from or in the style of the Baroque Era.)¬† All grades are playing classroom instruments and singing songs to celebrate MLK. Upper and Jr School are advancing in their recorder skills, and preparing for Federation Festival.

This Week in Theatre: We are reading and discussing the scripts for our Spring plays: The Hundred Dresses and Lightning Larry!
Looking forward to a great week!
Laura Cotto