Week of 1/13-1/17

Welcome to another week! We have a lot of fun things going on this week.
In Language Arts, we will be learning about homophones, and beginning work on the January/February edition of our newsletter.
2nd Grade Spelling words this week will focus on the -sh ending pattern. Our spelling words are dash, wash, clash, mash, wish, fish, dish, hush, push, and rush. 3rd Grade will be spelling homophones. They will have the spelling words here, hear, bare, bear, way, weigh, its, it’s, flour, flower, board, bored, hair, and hare.
2nd Grade Math will be working on double-digit addition. 3rd Grade will learn about diameter and circumference.
In Science, we will be learning about what the moon is like, and what it would be like to be on the moon.
In Social Studies, we will learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. in preparation for the holiday next week.