Week of 12/9 through 12/13

Hello Satori Families,
This week in Music: All grades are learning about the medieval time period as it relates to music. Each more advanced class will approach this topic with a greater depth and breadth than the one before. Pre-k and Lower will simply be introduced to the music and big concepts, Middle School will learn about the two main genres (secular and sacred), will be introduced to important instruments, composers, and excerpts from the time period, Upper school will add to this being able to recall and describe in greater detail the characteristics of each genre, composers, and instruments, while Jr. School will add to this the ability to identify various music selections specifically and describe characteristics such as motet, polyphonic/homophonic, liturgical chants, etc.

This Week in Theatre: We are focusing on memorizing our lines, as well as finalizing props, and continuing actor’s placement / movement on the set. All week we will continue to prepare our plays with our eyes on a performance after the Christmas Caroling!
Looking forward to a great week!
Laura Cotto