Week of 12/9-12/13

This Friday will be our last trip to the library before Christmas break, so any books checked out this week will be due during Christmas break. Please also remember that Satori shirts should be worn on Fridays.
In Language Arts, we will learn about verb tenses and subject-verb agreement.
2nd Grade Spelling words this week will focus on the ending blends -mp and -nd. Our spelling words are bump, stump, clump, stamp, camp, land, wind, mind, send, and offend. 3rd Grade will focus on words with the ou sound (some spelled ‘ou’ and others spelled ‘ow’). They will have the spelling words crown, hometown, clown, however, growl, flower, frown, around, fountain, ground, pounds, account, drought, without, and amount.
2nd Grade Math will learn different strategies for math subtraction facts, as well as shortcuts for harder math subtraction facts. 3rd Grade will explore the need for standardized measurement units and practice measuring length with U.S. customary and metric units.
In Science, we will wrap up our investigation into force and begin studying simple machines.
In Social Studies, we will learn about westward expansion and the growth of towns into cities.