Week of 12/2-12/6

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

In Language Arts, we will learn about abbreviations and possessive nouns.
2nd Grade Spelling words this week will focus on the -ou- pattern. Our spelling words are loud, round, found, hound, sound, pound, shout, count, house, and mouse. 3rd Grade will learn about silent letters at the beginning of words, focusing on the kn- and wr- patterns. They will have the spelling words know, known, knew, knife, knock, knee, knot, wrong, wrinkle, wrap, wrist, wring, write, wrote, and wreath.
2nd Grade Math will learn about subtraction facts and their relationship to addition facts, also starting to learn about fact families. 3rd Grade will combine fact extensions and rounding skills to help with estimation before reviewing strategies for subtraction.
In Science, we will learn about force and motion.
In Social Studies, we will learn about some of the events which lead to the United States becoming a new country.