Week of 11/18-11/22

This is our last week before Thanksgiving break, so the Thanksgiving Feast will be this Friday, 11/22.

In Language Arts, we will review the steps of the writing process and learn about adverbs as we revise and edit articles for our newsletter.
Spelling words this week will focus on the suffix -ly. Our spelling words are badly, sadly, gladly, softly, loudly, daily, weekly, proudly, quickly, and bravely. 3rd Grade will also have the words suddenly, actually, personally, especially, and rapidly.
2nd Grade Math will continue to work on basic addition facts, focusing this week on reinforcing all facts learned thus far. 3rd Grade will continue practicing basic math facts to reinforce automatic recall.
In Science, we will learn about how energy can change.
In Social Studies, we will focus on the first Thanksgiving.