Week of 11/4 – 11/8

welcome to November! Our second class newsletter is now available and copies will be going home this Monday.
In Language Arts, we will focus on how to summarize texts and how doing so can help with comprehension.

Spelling words this week will focus on the -ight spelling pattern. Our spelling words are right, fight, sight, might, tight, light, night, flight, bright, and tonight.  3rd Grade will also have the words delight, alright, fright, midnight, and daylight.

2nd Grade Math will continue to work on basic addition facts, focusing this week on learning +9 facts and reinforcing doubles (2+2, 3+3, etc.). 3rd Grade will look at math fact extensions and begin exploring how to identify and apply number pattern rules.
In Science, we will continue our investigation of matter and its properties.
In Social Studies, we will begin a unit about how communities change as we learn about three different early communities in North America (Cahokia, Powhatan villages, and Jamestown).