Week of 10/28 – 11/1

Happy Halloween! Our Halloween party will be on Thursday of this week, after trick-or-treating. Please remember that costumes may not include weapons (or facsimiles thereof) and that any masks should be mild enough that they will not frighten the very young children in the pre-K class. In addition, masks must remain in backpacks until it is time to go trick-or-treating!

In Language Arts, we will focus on integrating what we have learned about capitalization, punctuation, subjects, predicates, compound sentences, and incomplete sentences as we work on revising our articles for the October edition of our newsletter. Some 3rd-graders will also be finishing up their writing project about their model communities.

Spelling words this week will focus on r-controlled vowels. Our spelling words are art, dark, serve, germ, first, third, short, report, burn, and turtle. 3rd Grade will also have the words started, number, swirl, born, and burst.

2nd Grade Math will continue to focus on basic addition facts, specifically the +2 facts and doubles (2+2, 3+3, etc.). 3rd Grade will review basic addition facts and look at fact families.
In Science, we will begin investigating what matter is and learning about the properties of matter.
In Social Studies, we will conclude our examination of how communities affect and change their environments.