Week of 10/21 – 10/25

Our master gardener rescheduled her visit due to illness and will come to speak to our class on Monday of this week.
In Language Arts, we will be looking at incomplete sentences and how to fix them. We will also continue working on articles for the October edition of our newsletter.Spelling words this week will focus on spelling plural words. We will investigate to discover when to use -s, -es, -ies, and -ves. Our words are seeds, nests, books, dresses, boxes, babies, puppies, parties, shelves, and elves. 3rd Grade will also have the words rivers, lunches, countries, and knives.

2nd Grade Math will continue to work on learning addition facts, using games to help develop automatic skills. 3rd Grade will continue to practice how to make change.
In Science, we will complete all life cycle projects.
In Social Studies, we will explore how communities are affected by their geography.