Fw: Week of 10/14 through 10/18

Hello Satori Families,
This week in Music, all grades are learning to read notes on the staff at their respective levels:
Pre-K-1st Grade: We are learning that high sounds are to the right on a keyboard and are made by smaller instruments, and that low sounds are made on the left of a keyboard, and by larger instruments
2nd-3rd Grade: We are going to learn how staff notation works, moving higher and lower on the lines and spaces of the staff
4th-5th Grade: We are going to learn to read all pitches on the treble clef, and play instruments by reading on the staff.
6th-7th Grade: We are going to learn to read on the grand staff, and play on instruments using this skill.
This Week in Theatre:
¬†We will work collaboratively to plan and produce our reader’s theatre acts, and continue to create props for the play and auditioning for roles!
Looking forward to a great week!
Laura Cotto