Week of 10/14 – 10/18

Testing is over, but this will still be a busy week for us. We will be visiting the pumpkin patch at Moody Methodist on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, a master gardener will be coming to visit our class and answer questions about plant life cycles.
In Language Arts, we will review the differences between nouns and verbs, and their functions within sentences. We will also be working on articles for the October edition of our newsletter.

Spelling words this week will focus on the suffix -tion (and variations). We will investigate to discover why some words add -tion and others have -sion. Our words are revision, vision, version, station, option, action, and addition. 3rd Grade will also have the words explosion, confusion, decision, conversation , edition, and attention.

2nd Grade Math will review the relationships between numbers and work on addition facts. 3rd Grade will continue working with money skills, including how to make change.
In Science, we will finish our animal life cycle projects and begin compiling our projects about plant life cycles.
In Social Studies, we will be finishing our model communities, and 3rd Graders will also finish their writing assignment about the community their groups chose.