Week of 9/30-10/4

Welcome to October! Middle School’s September newsletter is now available, and we will be working throughout the month on articles for the October edition. Also, please remember that we will dismiss at noon on Friday.

In Language Arts, we will continue practicing the writing process as we begin working on next month’s newsletter. We will also be learning about simple and compound sentences.

Spelling words this week use the prefix under- and the suffix -er. Our words are under, understand, underwater, undersea, underground, older, faster, louder, lower, and happier. 3rd Grade will also have the words underestimate, undertake, higher, and easier.

2nd Grade Math will be studying number patterns and relationships between numbers. 3rd Grade will begin working with money skills.
In Science, we will begin compiling our animal life cycle projects as we start looking at plant life cycles.
In Social Studies, we will continue our study of different types of communities and how people live differently based on the type of community in which they reside.