Week of 9/23-9/27

Welcome back! I hope everyone stayed safe during the stormy weather, and that y’all enjoyed your unexpected time off from school. Since last week was so unexpectedly short, most of this week will be a continuation of concepts introduced last Monday and Tuesday.
In Language Arts, we will continue to practice identifying and using subjects and predicates to form and understand complete sentences. We will also continue working on revising and editing articles for the first edition of our class newsletter.

Spelling words will not change this week: the prefix is un-, and the suffix is -ed. Our words are undo, unfair, unhappy, unkind, unless, asked, cleaned, helped, revised, and used. 3rd Grade will also have the words climbed, changed, unafraid, and unchanged.

2nd Grade Math will continue expanding on skills with telling time. 3rd Grade will continue working with data, graphing, and averages.
In Science, we will continue gathering weather data and work on researching animal life cycles.
In Social Studies, we will begin studying different types of communities and how people live differently based on the type of community in which they reside.