Week of 9/16 through 9/20

Hello Satori Families,

This week in Music:
PreK-1st Grade: We are beginning our segment on rhythm, learning to read, write, and play instruments using quarter notes and quarter rests!
2nd-3rd Grade: We are in week two of a three week unit on rhythm. This week we will add half notes, half rests, dotted half notes, and whole notes and rests to our rhythm repertoire, and we will use them to play on instruments, sing, and write our own rhythms!
4th-5th Grade: In addition to the rhythm notation 2nd and 3rd graders are learning, we are learning about eighth note pairs, and 16th note groups!
6th-7th Grade: In addition to the rhythm notation the other grades are learning, we will add mixed 8th and 16th note groups!

This Week in Theatre:
We will work collaboratively to plan and produce our reader’s theatre acts, and on Thursday will be auditioning for roles!

Looking forward to a great week!


Laura Cotto