Week of August 26th-30th

4th and 5th grade:

Math: Students will review place value, improve their understanding of the base 10 system, and explore the relationship between each place value. We will also review some initial academic vocabulary and begin our math dictionaries for the year. 

Social Studies: Students will begin their study of geography and how people interact with their physical surroundings. For homework, students will complete map worksheets to support their map skills and become familiar with the appropriate academic vocabulary. 
6th and 7th grade:
Math: Students will review the number system and how to classify numbers appropriately. We will then move on to number comparisons and begin studying integers. 
Social Studies: In Social Studies, we will continue to delve into the essential elements of geography. With a thorough understanding of these elements, students will have the foundation to better comprehend the relationship between people, communities, and their environment. This will be vital as we study Texas History this year.