Live From The Field

 Thank you for being so patient. I had what seemed to be a stomach virus over the weekend. We will be continuing our study of the rainforest. Our letter this week is sloth and other animals in the rainforest. Letter Ss. 
In reading kindergarten will be be reviewing sense words and learning feelings words, reading level 1 readers. 1st grade will be reading The Missing Tarts and reviewing noun plurals and contraction’s. 
In math the kindergarten will practice addition and learning to play Too-It and do pattern block activities. 1st grade 
will be practicing subtraction, telling time to the half hour, and practicing frames and arrows. 
Spelling words this week are: went, bent, sent, spent, one, two, make, take, rake, bake
I think you all know what the homework assignments are regarding spelling. Let me know if you don’t. 
Remember that next week begins spring break. Thanks as always.