Live From The Field

Hello, parents!
Hope you had fun on this  1st weekend of Mardi Gras.
We will be learning about the rainforest over the next two weeks so our letter this week is Rr. This is one of my favorite topics to share with my young students. We, of course, will be reviewing addition and subtraction and learning about ordinal numbers in math. And we are learning to read on our own levels. The  children are all  very excited about learning to read.
We will be learning about the parts of the rainforest and why they are so important to the earth.
The spelling words for this week are rain, train ,  chain,  brain, pain, sunny, Bunny., funny, they, and them.
Monday-write words 3 times each
Tuesday-write words in ABC order
Wednesday-put words in correct boxes
Thursday-fill in the blank
Friday-spelling test
Show and tell  letter R