The week of February 11th. Be Healthy! This week we are looking at the Letter S, Shape Heart, Color Pink and Number 16. Our listening skills are improving! At this age your children should be able to show understanding by responding correctly. In class we will be working on listening. Children are being asked to listen to words and respond to ā€œ Is this the same word?ā€ Last week we learned how to make words. This week we will count the words in a sentence. We will also talk about how to be healthy. Our class projects may include: Letter S necklace, a spider, a bag for Valentines, and ā€œsā€ words on a sentence strip. Thursday is our Valentine Party /2:45. Friday we are making Stone Soup.(remember to send your ingredient) Thank you parents for the items we made our 100 Day Trail Mix with, it was so much fun! As always we are going to have a fun week! Ms Gripp Status: draft
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