Live From The Field

Good morning parents!  This is going to be an exciting week. The 100th day of school is tomorrow. I hope you had fun getting your 100 collection together. Don’t forget to bring them in.
As for the other days, kindergarten will continue working on sounding out words and reading color, shape, size, and number words. 1st grade will be reviewing the verbs “is” and “are,” and then be introduced to the verbs “was”and “were.” They will also read The Story of Chicken Licken. In math this week, kindergarten will be using attributes to group objects and making a paper plate clock. 1st grade will be counting money using pennies, nickels , and dimes, and then will be introduced to line plots. Should be fun!  Our letter of the week is Q. We’ll be studying the history of quilts going back to the pioneer days.
Spelling words this week are same, name, tame, game, came, blame, book, took, look and cook.
Monday-write words three times each
Tuesday-put words in ABC order
Wednesday-fit words into the correct
Thursday-fill in the blanks with the
                   spelling words
Friday-spelling test
All students will have Scholastic News
Tuesday night. It’s going to be a busy but fun week. Thanks for all your help as always.