Pre k

The week of February 4th, 2019
…And we are counting…. we’ve been in school for 100 days!
This week we are looking at the: Letter: R. Number: 15 Shape: Heart Color: Pink
Pre-k will discover when letters are put together, they make a word. We are also going over beginning sounds of letters. So with this, a child can begin to sound out words! On Tuesday, February 5th, we celebrate 100 days of school! For this event the class will make a special snack for snack time. 100 Day Trail Mix. Monday, Feb. 4th, the item(s) you wish to donate will be needed. (At least a 60 count of: M&M’s, mini marshmallows, goldfish, nuts, Skittles, cereal, or anything you can think of). ( I also included a note on your weekly Jan. 28th calendar) .This will also serve as a group counting exercise. Class projects may include: 100 day Trail Mix, 100 day visor, letter R necklace, snow globe.
So much fun ahead! 100 Day(2/5) Stone soup to celebrate the letter S (2/15) and Valentines Day(2/14). Look for your ingredient(s) on your child’s calendar! Thanks for helping, it is so appreciated! Ms. Gripp Sent from my iPhone