Live From The Field

Good morning from Lower School. This week, our letter will be “o”. Kindergarten will be practicing their reading, as well as learning to put letter sounds together to create words. 1st grade will also practice reading and will be working with present tense verbs including the verb “is”.
In math, Kindergarten will be learning to identify objects by using attributes and practicing interrupted counting.
1st grade is practicing adding and subtracting on a number line, telling time to the half hour and will be introduced to the dime.
In science this week, we will be learning about the amazing  sea otters-their habitat and their family and social interactions.
Spelling words this week: cash, dash, mash, trash, crash,bee, tree, seed, feed, need
Monday spelling homework- write words three times each
Tuesday- put words in ABC order
Wednesday- fit words into the correct letter boxes
Thursday- fill in the blanks
The whole class will have Scholastic News for homework on Tuesday.
I’m looking forward to a great week. I hope you’ll do the same.